Mila J x Smoke, Drink, Break Up

Mila+J+MilaJrt+copy2Mila J x Smoke, Drink, Break Up

Now for something C will love! Lol, did you know Jhene Aiko’s sister was a singer too?? Me neither, but she’s pretty dope. Her name is Mila J aka Japollonia, and she has a new single out that you can check out right here! Titled Smoke, Drink, Break Up, there is still no word on talks of any upcoming mixtapes or albums. But she gave you this to enjoy while she decides her next move!

-TMP Jujii-

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20 year “young”, upcoming publicist Crystal Burrell initially started The Missing Plug because she was so tired of seeing young talent get wasted especially in her own city of Chester, PA. is a website dedicated to underground music, welcoming all underground, undiscovered and underrated artists. Becoming the official connection in underground music, TMP offers viewers music videos , exclusive interviews , mixtapes and so much more. So don’t forget to stay plugged in on for your daily dose of everything happening in underground music and mainstream too. Enjoy !!! :)

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