Women’s March On Washington {Covered by @TheMissingPlug}

Saturday morning, I boarded a coach bus with many women of different backgrounds  and ages. We were all headed to Washington D.C. to be apart of the #WomensMarchOnWashington. This was my first march ever and let me just say it was quite the experience.

For More Photos: Click Here

Crazy how I even got separated into a sea of people the first 20 mins from my group. So, I wandered around Washington D.C. celebrating what it is to be a woman & how it felt to see women unite. “Our Body, Our Choice!” We screamed together this expression many times at complete random as more people joined into larger groups. Even if it was silent the entire time the thousands of posters held high spoke our truths.

I would suggest everyone to have an experience like this! Stand up for your rights & against anyone who tries to violate that. I became apart of history & that feeling is priceless. Share your march experiences below, we would love to hear from you!

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