5 Things You Should Know About The “Black Guns Matter” Movement by @MajToure

Firearm safety educational organization; Black Guns Matter was founded by Maj Toure.  Maj is a former hip-hop artist from North Philadelphia, who is currently an activist in his community as well as urban communities everywhere.

The start of the”Black Guns Matter” movement was in 2015 after Maj Toure did his 1st license to carry drive event. He said overwhelming so many people came, so that is what sparked him going on tour.

Maj believes that by having more people armed he can reduce crime in urban communities. He says part of the problem is that there is no respect for the tool. His mission is to educate urban communities on their 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities through firearm training and education. He wants to break gun stereotypes and change the culture ultimately.

“Black Guns Matter” is currently on tour traveling between urban cities like Chicago and Boston. Him and his team host workshops that include education on 2nd Amendment rights,  permit systems, gun control laws, firearm training and teaching people how to defend themselves in critical times.

Maj wants to eventually overturn the permit law. Permits require that citizens must have a permit to have a gun legally, when in all actuality it is already their constitutional right according to the 2nd Amendment to bear arms. He believes “Gun control is not about controlling guns it’s about controlling people”.

Want to experience a “Black Guns Matter” workshop for yourself? Follow @MajToure and visit http://officialblackgunsmatter.com/  to see what city they are coming to next!



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