Chester Township “Toby Farms” 1st Reunion


When you think of Toby Farms, what do you think of first? Do you think of the first Sam & Sams Market or what about the Burger Basketball Courts? I’m sure to many people so many different things come to your mind. The fact that Toby Farms is not quite Brookhaven but not quite Chester either is what I believe makes us so unique. Yesterday, July 22nd the first annual Chester Township “Toby Farms” Reunion was held in Upland Park. It was filled with so many different generations of people who have or still call Toby Farms home. There was plenty food & refreshments to go around as well free water ice all day long provided by “Var’s Waterice”.


As you can see everyone came repping their street with the different colored shirts & designs. For me I represented Elson with a blue shirt. I literally lived at the bottom of E-Block my whole entire life. No matter where life takes me I’ll always be proud to say I was raised in “Toby Farms”. For more pictures of the reunion LIKE “The Missing Plug” on Facebook.

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