“In Too Deep” A Short Story by The Missing Plug

The Missing Plug is a website and brand that inspires people through music. Sounds cool right? Well what if I told you we save lives too, would you believe me?

Well first come take a walk with me through my city also known for being ranked as the second most dangerous neighborhood in America. We are better known for our sports though but its a shame outsiders wouldn’t even dare to attend a high school game for fear of violence breaking out. As one may wander down a street in Chester, Pa the first thing you may notice is how nobody really smiles. There is not much laughter either, most people walk with their heads down like their ashamed about something. You might spot random displays of teddy bears and candles bunched together outside a corner store or on a sidewalk; which usually represents a recent passing of a loved one. As the cars ride by if your quick you’ll hear the different music sounds of the city accompanied by trains passing, buses going by, babies crying, dogs barking and even your occasional cop sirens speeding by you. All you hear reported on the news is negative things about this city like who got murdered last night or who’s going to jail for what. I come from a city where I’m not even sure if there is anymore love sometimes but I still have hope for better days. There is so much more to us then people really know. Well to all my brave souls if your not frighten already, come see Chester, Pa up-close and personal through The Missing Plug’s lenses.

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As you travel around Chester with me we run into a group of guys. Every hood has them, a bunch of guys who get money, chill and regulate together. For them loyalty runs deep that’s why their bond is more like a close nit family than anything. From far away they look like they are up to no good of course, most people would not even bother to approach them. As we become closer they still don’t seem to look any more pleasant but as we start to engage in conversation, one thing you will notice is how they are the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Do you see that boy in the corner though? Just wait for a second and watch for the one who keeps to himself the most and looks like his mind is racing thirty miles per hour. When you find him, ask him why he looks so sad and/or mad. He might hesitate at first and tell you you wouldn’t understand but eventually he will open up and that is when you will begin to understand his sadness.

This is a special kind of sadness that requires a beat though it’s the only way he knows how to let his pain out. So when he goes to share with you his story, listen please don’t be alarmed at his rowdy nature. Don’t get caught up in the beat either but rather get lost in his words when he rhymes.  All in 16 bars he paints a vivid life story. His life story and what his everyday struggle is like. You will start to see that this music thing is really life or death for him. He lost his homie to some beef, his job laid him off so he was forced back into the streets plus this young brother got a little one on the way, so he’s praying he does not die today. Well if that doesn’t move you then look at the fire in his eyes and the passionate he has, it looks as if he can barely breathe! Can you tell that this is really his last life line? He want so much to get out the hood but feels like he is out of options. He prays for better days and uses music as his own therapy but still somehow gets wrapped up in his surroundings. So now that you hear his cry for help, what do you do? Do you sit back and watch his talent go to waste, allowing him to become just another statistic or do you help him share his talent with the world, motivate him and remind him constantly that his music matters and so does his life.

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I choose the second option and every since I started TheMissingPlug.com two years ago,  that has been my mission. During my journey in this underground music movement I have met some very beautiful souls, each possessing a story the world outta hear. At every interview, meet and greet or show I leave more inspired than ever because I know what I am doing has the power to change lives.  During my first show I was able to show people what Deeper Than Rap meant to most of these lovely artist. I offered them a platform to showcase their talent and they happily accepted. These were the same artist I write about and promote daily on the site. They showed up and showed out that night in the most incredible way. I even finally saw some of them smile, getting to do what they love in front of people who truly appreciate is a powerful thing. The moment a artist came up to thank me for believing in his dreams was the moment I realized I was already in way too deep, but not in a bad way at all. Now I just know I got to keep going and evolving because there are many more people depending on me than I originally thought. What Chester Makes, Makes Chester is the slogan coming from where I’m from and its so true too. We are a unique breed of talented individuals just waiting for our moment to shine. Until then we grind, stay humble, and wait patiently.