Photos of The Journey


C. and artist Preach on the set of Preach’s Ready or Not freestyle video shoot. (7/17/13)

bkC. and Jujii stopping by Music Notch Studios (10/26/13)


Our first interview starting off the underground music movement was with artist T-Kane also known as Qing Kane. (11/7/13)

lee mazin

The Missing Plug interviews the first lady of Dreamchasers Lee Mazin. (11/14/13)


C. & Jujii had the pleasure of being interviewed on WSRN 91.5.(Swarthmore College Radio Station 11/16/13)

unnamed (1)The Missing Plug links up with Dj Robbie Mac for an interview (12/13/13)

gsmtknytTOUCH ENT x The ladies of TMP after  a interview (12/20/13)

unnamed (1)

At a BlaqRain event.

unnamed (17)

Jujii and C. hanging out with the guys of CRMC.


First Lady C. sits down with artist Chiefy for a very enjoyable and entertaining interview.


Meet & Greet with emerging artist Kur at Status Shop in Philly. 4/30/15


C. interviews hop-hop collective 90sEra. 4/30/15


C. chatting with the ladies of 5 Girls & A Mic, Neuman University radio hosts. (5/7/15)

 unnamed (2)

Shooting an interview with artist Navelle Hice also known as Chiefy.


unnamed (4)

Chilling with the fellas of B.T.M.G as they tell their story.


unnamed (5)

Our first non-music related guest, Mayor John Linder.


unnamed (15)

Lady C. catches up with student athlete; Anthony Davis. He just got finished trying out for The Buffalo Bills rookie camp.


unnamed (29)

The guys from GHR reviewing footage with cameraman Sam Anthony.

unnamed (35)

BTS of “Don’t Blink” The Interview with Lady C. (6/11/15)

unnamed (34)

Artist vibing at a Rotation Records mixer


unnamed (31)

First lady C. at a Rotation Records event 6/17/15

unnamed (30)

Music Manager Amber, C. & Elijah Founder and Owner of #WeDoWhatWeWantTv



The Missing Plug hosted its first annual freshman class cypher/photo shoot. (7/10/15)

The Missing Plug’s Next Emerging Artist

Class of 2015 (7-10-15)

July 10th 2015

As The Missing Plug’s first ever freshman class prepares for their debut Aug 14th at “Deeper Than Rap” The Show. We brought to you an exclusive inside look at each artist and what it means to them to be selected.

August 14 2015

I am proud to announce that our first show ever was a success! Thank you to all the brave souls who came out to support us and these amazing artist.

August 14th 2015 “Deeper Than Rap” The Show


Artist Getta & C. after a interview


The Missing Plug teamed up with artist Getta to collab on the release of his debut mixtape “The Come Up”. (11/27/15)


Our first guest on “The Missing Plug Radio Show” Option Music .

FullSizeRender (44)

Razor from OBH hangs out with your girls at the station.


The Missing Plug interviews artist Nikkle 9.


Nasty Na of RNO meets The Missing Plug for the first time.

FullSizeRender (46)

Convos with Cool Kids; King Vice & The Missing Plug ladies


During our interview with Me We Crew

Queen & C. at the Real Recognize Real Show with artist Maseratti Ran, Qing Kane, Jay Jerkz & Me We Crew.

Feb 9, 2016

Amir Rogers “The Perfect Love Story 2 ” Premiere 3/17/16


Milano Di Rouge “Philly Influencers Charity Basketball Game” 3/26/16


Artist, Producer, Engineer, & Writer; Andrew Meoray sits down with First Lady C.



First lady C. interviews Milan of Milano Di Rouge and Brooklyn Nets’ Rondae Jefferson before the show (5/22/16)


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