“Sowing Good Seeds” Workshop at Ruth Bennett Community Farm!

For anyone who follows The Missing Plug on Snap Chat, you have already got to witness “Sowing Good Seeds” 4-week workshop live at the Ruth Bennett Community Farm!

The Missing Plug got the pleasure of covering this Boundaries & Bridges affiliated workshop “Sowing Good Seeds” for the entire month of August. The main goal of this workshop was to educate the youth/adults in the community, teaching them to preserve the culture of healthy living. Each 3 hour session at the farm included activities that nurtured the mind, body, and spirit. Living in such a fast paced and processed society, unique experiences like “Sowing Good Seeds” make you really appreciate nature and all things still natural.



The Facilitators – LaNoana Odom, Terrence Topping-Brown, Bonita Taylor, and Paul Trevz

The Artist – Misty Sol